Quality landscaping services in Launceston


We can make your dream garden come alive!

Our gardens are designed to reflect and complement their surroundings and the style of property we are landscaping.

Feedback from our customers is that after a while, the garden looks like it has always been there.

This is no accident! We work hard to provide landscaping services around Launceston that will exceed your expectations, and to create beautiful landscapes that will be enjoyed for years to come.



We can draw an aerial view cad design to show the concept of your new landscape. Our intial consultancy fee is $175.00 in local areas which is sometimes all the client requires. A concept design is charged according to the size of the project. Concept designs start at around $980.00 for an average sized block. More extensive design costs are quoted during the initial consultancy. 


Commercial landscaping

Our landscaping services around Launceston can be seen by all. We have years of experience working with local  businesses, councils and schools to achieve their landscaping goals.

Whether it's trees for nature strips, selecting the right lawn for recreational areas,carpark planting and irrigation or paving and retaining walls, we have the experience to do the job.


We can build any outdoor stucture from decks and arbors, pergolas and outdoor entertainment areas. We can provide design and  help with council requirements to ensure the project is completed to a quality standard.


residential landscaping

Your home represents you, and thanks to countless television shows these days everyone thinks they are a landscape designer!

We can help you avoid common mistakes made by DIYers and give you a professional finish.

We'll create a landscape, custom designed to suit you and your lifestyle, which will compliment the style of your home and give you an enjoyable low maintainence haven all of your own.

Just sit back and let us do the hard work for you.


Landscape maintanence

Because we have created the design and done all the heavy work, there is nobody better to maintain your new landscape.

We have the skill and knowledge to keep your new garden in "showroom condition".

We have affiliation with reputable maintenance teams who can offer scheduled maintanence work if you require this service.